Florida Snowbird

Explore the daring mix of nordicity and exoticism

Discover the daring mix of nordicity and exoticism.  On the nose, a boreal bouquet. On the palate, the freshness of grapefruit with a touch of yuzu and basil awakening your senses.

The floral bitterness from a grapefruit peel hits the nose early on, followed by a vanilla fragrance which is shyly complemented by cardamom and warm, dry yuzu peel. The light nose leans more towards sweet notes than towards summer freshness, and this indulgent sensation is reminiscent of grapefruit sabayon creaminess.


Florida Snowbird


So, you’re curious about the story behind our Florida Snowbird Gin?

It’s pretty cool, actually. Part of the inspiration comes from a bit of family lore—my grandma and others loved heading down south to catch some rays, true snowbird style. But there’s also a neat historical tie-in with the name “Wabasso” coming from an old Canadian cotton company, blending a bit of Canadian heritage into the mix.

When the pandemic hit, and all our would-be snowbirds were stuck up north, we thought, “Why not bring a bit of that Florida sunshine to them?” And that’s how our gin was born. Now, we’re flipping the script and bringing a taste of Canada down to Florida with this gin.

Cool Fact:

Ever wonder about the name “Wabasso”? It actually means “white like a winter rabbit” in Indigenous languages up here. Kinda symbolizes the pure, untouched beauty of both our snowy landscapes and those sun-soaked Florida beaches.

Florida Snowbird
  • Florida Snowbird
  • 30 % alc./vol.
  • 750 ML
  • SAQ price : 42.25 $
  • No. SAQ : 14721010
Florida Snowbird