Bourgeon Wabasso

This production is the result of a reflection on maple products. Bourgeon is the result of this research: to offer what sap and its syrup can bring in a liqueur made from our gin.

We also wanted to prove that it was possible to take what was considered unusual and incorporate it into our liqueur.

This gin and maple liqueur embodies the memory of artisanal maple syrup production and the feeling of being in a forest of maple trees during sugar season.

Bourgeon Wabasso

Tasting Notes

Refined aromas of maple combine with the botanicals of the gin. Maple syrup is fully present in the mouth but not too sweet. The delicateness of maple sap, wintergreen, cardamom and red clover coversthe palate softly. The final notes are slightly woody with a touch of maple, juniper and wintergreen.

Bourgeon Wabasso

Wabasso gin
Organic maple water
Organic maple syrup

  • Bourgeon Wabasso
  • 24 % alc./vol.
  • 750 ML
  • SAQ price : 35.25 $
  • No. SAQ : 14061681
Bourgeon Wabasso